Book Review: Deeds by Joseph Amiel

DeedsDeeds by Joseph Amiel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In this captivating and compelling story, author Joseph Amiel sets up an intriguing plot right from the start. The wealthy, larger than life real-estate developer Ralph Behr is all set to build his larger than life real-estate project - three 150 story towers in New York City. There's just one snag - his money and his project are threatened when he is suddenly forced into a marriage with Gail Benedict, a woman whose values and morals are the exact opposite of his. And that's only the beginning! What follows is a riveting unfolding that will keep you turning those pages.

With both of the main characters' generational stories masterfully and organically weaved throughout, Deeds is a significant and extraordinary read, one that hooked me at the start and left me satisfied at the end. Time richly spent on this story.

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