Book Review: "Gone and Done It" by Maggie Toussaint

"Gone and Done It" by Maggie Toussaint,

Five Star/Cengage

Paranormal Mystery

ISBN 978-1-4328-2813-4

Release Date: May 8, 2014

Maggie Toussaint's first ever Paranormal Mystery in her new DreamWalker Series introduces Baxley Powell, a widow and single mother who works as a pet sitter and a landscaper. Oh, and she is also a dreamwalker, a gift she inherited from her father - and one she did not want.

Baxley has some pretty big problems. Her husband is missing, presumed dead, her clients are few and far in between, her money is running out, and she must accept the mantle her father passes to her and take over as the town's dreamwalker - a job that does not pay. She also has a huge fear of snakes.

And then things get worse. On a landscaping job, Baxley digs up a human skull, finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation, and sets off a chain of events that threaten to destroy Baxley and her family.
She turns to the only thing she has left, her dreamwalker ability, to try and solve a murder and land herself a paying job as a consultant for the local sheriff.

Baxley has a lot on her plate. Is she strong enough to take care of her daughter, take over as dreamwalker, stay ahead of the trouble out to get her at every turn, and manage to catch a killer before the killer strikes again?

This story has all the right elements of a good Paranormal Mystery. A loveable heroine who talks to the dead, a murder, and a host of nasty suspects - Paranormal fans will love this ghostly who-dun-it! "Gone and Done It" is available for Pre-Order now at Amazon.
You can connect with the author on her website at maggietoussaint.com.


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