Prologues: Yea, Nay, or Maybe?

 Prologues. What are your feelings about them? Some writers are dead set against prologues, some recommend using them, and some take an "it depends" attitude, meaning it depends on what purpose your prologue is serving.
What about as readers? You open up a book and instead of Chapter One, you find Prologue. Do you dive right into it? Do you skip it? I like prologues when they are done right. For me, done right means they have set the stage for what is to come. Put me in the mood. Whet my appetite. 
I am wondering, though, isn't it really just a word? I mean, if you take the contents of a Prologue and move them over to Chapter One, isn't it still the same content? Does it really matter what the heading is at the top of the page? When does it have to be called a Prologue? Maybe when something vital to the story happened in a much different time frame?
Here are a few good articles I found on the subject:

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What are your thoughts?

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